Our approach is anchored in the inculcation of adab in ourselves and in our students

Grades K-4

Young children learn naturally through imitation and action, so our curriculum features plenty of healthy activity and movement. They explore letters, numbers, colors, songs, rhymes, and verse while learning about themselves and the world around them.

Grades 5-8

Students approaching adolescence develop skills in critical thinking and creative problem solving through a varied choice of projects, assignments, and community service learning. They participate in research assignments and extend projects, and they are asked to interpret information, form opinions, and express their thoughts clearly and cohesively.

Grades 9-12

As students prepare for college, carrer, or other explorations, our interdisciplinary curriculum guides them toward reflective learning while acquiring practical skill sets. we offer dual enrollment to obtain a US diploma, advanced placement and advanced technology courses, life experince credit, and other enrichment programs. Enrolled juniors and seniors are required to participate in a self-directed advanced study project.

At a glance

Our team includes US-based master teachers, highly qualified Afghan teachers, and top advisors in islamic education and Dari/Pashto literature.

Our graduates have the oppertunity to obtain both an Afghan and US 12th grade diploma.

We provide a multi-lingual approach with students mastering Dari, Pashto and English as well as an oppertunity to learn Arabic.

We engage our students in activities that include calligraphy, carpentry, gardening, martial arts, coding, and graphic design.