A rich and child-centered educational environment.

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We offer a wealth of learning experiences to fit your child’s interests, talents, style, and needs. Our curriculum is asynchronous and allows the flexibility to create a self-paced education for your child.

Developing academic and personal confidence.

The Mezan International School teaches children to think, create and develop, rather than to simply memorize and conform. We see education as a dialogue between student and teacher.

Why Mezan International?

Mezan International is a place of creative, active learning for children from their earliest years through adolescence. We hold a deep respect for each child’s innate curiosity.

Our teachers are committed to developing intrinsically motivated students, original thinkers, and confident, compassionate citizens of the world.

At Mezan International School, we…

  • Value creativity and thought
  • Engage in dialogue
  • Produce graduates grounded with a solid academic foundation that is balanced with Islamic studies and Afghan history

We strive to integrate the intellectual, practical, creative, and spiritual development of our students. Our approach is anchored in the inculcation of adab in ourselves and in our students.

Photo By: Farin Sadiq

A Balanced Education

The Mezan International School offers a balanced learning environment for children from kindergarten to grade 12. We combine an award-winning US accredited curriculum, parts of the Afghan curriculum, with a solid foundation of Islamic education. We believe that children are unique and learn best when their full capabilities - mind, body, and heart - are engaged. Our approach is project-based, compassionate, thematic, and child-centered.

What’s Happening at Mezan International?